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New Paper Analyzes Eviction Cases Across Michigan

Last year I completed a research project on evictions in Michigan, conducted in collaboration with attorney Libby Benton and others at the Michigan Advocacy Project, a legal aid organization. This page summarizes the project, which resulted in a report and policy brief, released in May 2020. Today the academic paper produced by this project, “Eviction […]

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New Paper: “Learning to Manage Common Resources: Stakeholders Playing a Serious Game See Increased Interdependence in Groundwater Basin Management”

This paper is the product of a three-year collaborative research project between the Environmental Defense Fund, Colleen Seifert, a UM psychology professor, myself, and several research assistants. In 2017, the Graham Sustainability Institute sponsored a matchmaking event where UM social scientists could interact with EDF staff who had ideas for research collaborations. At that event, […]

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Inside the Box: Sidebars on Scenario Planning

As I was writing my book, Scenario Planning for Cities and Regions, I realized there were topics I wanted to touch on but that didn’t fit neatly within the main narrative. I ended up placing these tidbits in a series of supplementary boxes that are placed in relevant chapters. Since they touch on issues I […]

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