Table of Contents for ‘Scenario Planning for Cities and Regions’

A couple people have asked to see the table of contents for my new book. Although I previously shared this overview, here is the text from the contents:

Preface (vii)

Part 1. Foundations

1 The Kind of Problem a City Is (3)

2 Scenario Planning Defined (21)

3 Competing Approaches (39)

Part 2. Urban Scenario Planning Practice

4 Scenarios in Urban Planning (53)

5 Digital Scenario Tools (88)

6 Effective Scenario Practice (115)

Part 3. Project Outcomes and Evaluation

7 Defining Scenario Project Outcomes (135)

8 Scenario Outcomes Research (146)

9 Urban Scenario Outcomes Evaluation Framework (159)

Part 4. Transformation and Conclusions

10 Toward Transformative Scenario Practice (179)

11 Conclusions (192)

Acknowledgements (201)

Glossary (205)

References (207)

Index (233)

About the Author (241)

About the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy (243)

Author: Rob Goodspeed

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