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High Crimes and Misdemeanors

” … Everywhere today we hear the question: ‘How will America regain its credibility?’ In the wake of the Bush administration’s reckless, dishonest, and profligate expenditures of blood and treasure, for the benefit of multinational corporate patrons, the answer is clear: Investigate their crimes pursuant to law, indict them based on the massive record of […]

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Overheard recently: “From: Marvin KrislovSent: Wednesday, June 02, 2004 3:31 PMSubject: Greetings/Student opportunities As you know, the University usually relies on MSA to provide candidates for student slots on university-wide committees. We have two opportunities this year: 1) for a student to sit on the Advisory Committee on Labor Standards and Human Rights, which focuses […]

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Articles of Note

Yesterday’s Ann Arbor News was (unusually) full of interesting tidbits: > They reported on the statewide cool cities grants, which includes a project in Ypsilanti (but not Ann Arbor – the task force I am on wasn’t organized enough to apply, but sent a letter supporting Ypsilanti’s efforts): “State confirms: Ypsilanti is cool” (See the […]

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Sprawl and Obesity

“People who live in neighborhoods where they must drive to get anywhere are significantly more likely to be obese than those who can easily walk to their destinations, according to the first study to directly demonstrate that long-suspected link. The study of nearly 11,000 people in the Atlanta area found that people living in highly […]

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Tom Hayden Turned Down Michigamua Tap

According to an article he penned for the progressive website AlterNet, former Michigan Daily editor and Students for a Democratic Society leader Tom Hayden turned down membership in Michigamua – in the 1960s. However, he admits joing the now-defunct (I think) LSA society called the Druids. ” … I was a member of a secret […]

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The group-edited, community-driven news blog I have been involved in called is now officially live. I encourage you to check it out – we are holding a launch party at the Arbor Brewing Company tomorrow night at 9pm, all are invited to stop by!

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Noodle Chain Coming to State Street

According to their website, and a short story in this month’s Ann Arbor Observer, the old location of Decker Drugs will soon be the site of a “Noodles & Company.” According to an official company press release, Noodles & Company, founded in 1995, is in a phase of “aggressive expansion,” currently operates 87 restaurants in […]

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