High Crimes and Misdemeanors

” … Everywhere today we hear the question: ‘How will America regain its credibility?’ In the wake of the Bush administration’s reckless, dishonest, and profligate expenditures of blood and treasure, for the benefit of multinational corporate patrons, the answer is clear: Investigate their crimes pursuant to law, indict them based on the massive record of facts supporting such an indictment, and put the top architects of this illegal and deadly policy of permanent, ‘pre-emptive’ war on public trial. … “

This from a letter from the Detroit Chapter of the National Lawyers’ Guild to U.S. Rep. John Conyers asking him to investigate the crimes of the Bush administration. Metrotimes’ Newshits quickly retorts:

“We want to know what the hell the NLG is thinking. These are smart folks. Do they really think Attorney General John Ashcroft is going disrupt his daily prayer breakfasts to go for something like this? Now, perhaps if it were something really important, like a Democratic president lying about getting a blow job from an intern, then maybe we’d be able to get the full force of the federal government behind a serious investigation. … “

Author: Rob