Overheard recently:

“From: Marvin Krislov
Sent: Wednesday, June 02, 2004 3:31 PM
Subject: Greetings/Student opportunities

As you know, the University usually relies on MSA to provide candidates for student slots on university-wide committees. We have two opportunities this year: 1) for a student to sit on the Advisory Committee on Labor Standards and Human Rights, which focuses on licensees and their adherence to our code of conduct; and 2) for a student to sit on the Purchasing Review Dispute Board, which will review complaints about vendors (not licensees). This latter group is being formed in response to the recommendations of the Purchasing Task Force Report.

It might be good to get two (or even three) names in case people don’t have the time to put in or someone quits unexpectedly. Whatever process MSA wants to solicit the names is fine–you might want to speak with your predecessors to determine what they’ve done. I believe that student activist groups have been very interested in these types of efforts in the past. I know it’s hard to get things rolling during the summer, but the sooner the better. We expect these groups to kick into action (again) in the fall. … “

And this:

The Students for Social Equality is pleased to introduce Jerome White, the Socialist Equality Party candidate for Congress in the 15th CD (including Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti and surrounding regions). The meeting will focus on the war in Iraq and the need for a political alternative to the Democrats and Republicans.
Details below. Please forward this email to relevant lists and anyone interested. Sorry for duplicates.

Jerome White
Socialist Candidate for Congress

University of Michigan Campus
TODAY, Thursday, June 3, 7pm
Michigan Room
Michigan League
911 North University, Ann Arbor

The Socialist Equality Party is running an independent socialist candidate, Jerome White, for Congress in the 15th Congressional District of Michigan.

White, 44, has been a member of the socialist movement for 25 years, joining in New York City where he was a worker at the United Parcel Service. He has been a congressional candidate for the Workers League, predecessor of the SEP, and was the SEP’s presidential candidate in 1996.

White is calling for the immediate end to the war in Iraq and the unconditional withdrawal of all US troops. He is seeking to build an alternative to both the Democratic and Republican Parties that will represent the interests of workers and youth at home and abroad. See the World Socialist Web Site for more details.

Sponsored by the World Socialist Web Site (www.wsws.org) and
The Students for Social Equality (sse at umich.edu)”

Author: Rob