Well, it appears MSA has indeed voted to support the University’s affirmative action lawsuits after a tortured meeting last night. The Michigan Student Assembly is the only governing body I know of that has trouble taking a point of view. Fortunately, more responsible minds prevailed over the likes of Mr. Wilson who believes “MSA has no right to try to take a stand for something no one has talked to students about.” But then again, if he ran the show they would eliminate half their commissions (Women’s Issues, LGBT, Environmental Issues) by chalking them up as ‘special rights.’

The Daily’s article missed the debate about the Ann Arbor Tenant’s Union (something the right wing ideologues from College Republicans and YAF also struggle to understand) and I believe they’ve been officially de-funded by the student government , no matter that an attorney from student legal services showed up to last night’s meeting to tell them they shouldn’t force his office to take up tenents’ issues. (That’s the MSA exec’s plan) Here’s the AATU’s letter to MSA I posted last week.
Also in the Daily’s letters page: a former student slams the newspaper’s “arts” section. Suprisingly enough, this was also a complaint of the boycotters, whom the Daily (Old and new editors) has refused to meet with.

The Ann Arbor News ran a suspiciously flattering article about the Michigan Review’s bake sale yesterday. The article failed to note that the bake sale was not like the University’s affirmative action policy, which takes into account many more factors than race – something the Daily’s editorial correctly observes.

All the inflated numbers aside, the Supreme Court will recieve around 60 amicus briefs in the admissions lawsuits – and perhaps more since the deadline has been extended one day due to D.C. weather.

Author: Rob