The ‘University Party,’ I mentioned in a post below had a viewpoint in today’s Daily. Their introduction seems a watered down version of Blue Party and Paul Scott idology, (if those could be watered down) with such bold innovative statements like this: “We are the University Party, a new political group dedicated to restoring credibility and effectiveness to the Michigan Student Assembly and other similar governing bodies.” Given the cyclical nature of MSA political parties, this one sounds no different than its predecessors.

I think the gist of the piece is this: “We understand that MSA has little bearing on non-campus issues and that resolutions pertaining to such matters are unnecessary. All these resolutions do is divide the campus into numerous factions and threaten to split an educational union that should strive to perfect tolerance and understanding.” I wonder: are student rights, tenant issues, relations with Ann Arbor city government and police (think parking tickets, litter taxes), affirmative action, and the environment ‘non-campus issues’? We’ll just have to wait and see, I suppose.

The Daily also reports in a story today about a reported rape that occured on Valentine’s Day. Incredibly, the article weights the pros and cons of reporting rape: “There are many legal and emotional factors students should consider when deciding whether to file a report with police about a rape or sexual assault, Cichy said.” I suspect the director of SAPAC didn’t intend to come across this wishy-washy. I also wonder: if the rape was reported on Monday in the DPS media log, why did it take the Daily so long to run a story?

Also in DPS’s media log this week:
2/17/2003 12:51:59 PM Assault, non-aggravated (cad # 30480307)
A caller reported that she was in a fight with her boyfriend. Unit responded and arrested a subject for domestic assault. The subject was lodged in jail. Report filed.
Incident Report #03-000893

The Ann Arbor News ran a curious story today about the Law School’s ACLU chapter co-chair resigning over affirmative action. Why is this news?

Author: Rob