James Justin Wilson has posted a comment about the Daily’s take on the flyer ban approved by MSA on the Review’s blog. Let the partisan sniping begin! In it, he claims the Students First majority heard the newly formed University Party was planning on making abolishing flyering their platform and passed the ban to pre-empt them. While abolishing flyering seems a worthy platform plank, I sincerely hope they’ve got other ideas.
Here’s the real story: Mr. Wilson is so upset because the new party needs every edge it can it. It’s not a secret that Students First is mostly progressive students who have recruited a few conservatives to spin a “balanced” slate. As I understand it, the U-Party is no different, only in reverse: it’s a combination of the Paul Scott machine, the ruins of the Blue party, and disgruntled conservatives trying yet again to create the illusion of populism wherby they can sit around and horde student fee money and strangle any life left in MSA. Ah, election season.

Author: Rob