It appears the student interveners won’t be addressing the Supreme Court. They claim the University’s lawyers went back on their word. It’s no surprise – the corporate law firm hired by the University also does work for the company that runs the S.A.T.. (A cornerstone of the intervener’s argument is that the SAT is racially biased – something the U will be loath to mention in their diversity-happy defense.)

As usual, the Daily fails to note that Miranda Massie and the rest of BAMN only respresents the law school student interveners – and that the undergraduate interveners are seperate students and lawyers – something the Free Press article makes clear. You’d think they’d have it straight by now.

Also, tonight the Michigan Student Assembly voted on whether to spend $12,000 to pay for buses for U-M students to travel to Washington, D.C., on April 1st – the day of the admissions lawsuits. It passed, with only one dissenting vote: T.J. Wharry.

Author: Rob