Generating buzz on campus: an insensitive email written by now-College Republicans Chair and U-Party MSA candidate Adam Haba.

Also, an analysis of MSA voting by my friend Michael Simon conducted one year ago indicates three variable significantly impact who is likely to vote in student government elections: students who live in the dorms, are involved in the greek system, or are members of political student groups.

However, he notes that his analysis leaves much unresolved:
“I believe that one of the most important, but perhaps derivative, implications of the results of this research is that the relatively few factors that nearly all those making strategic targeting decisions in MSA campaigns rely on only explain just over half of the variance in voting. This begs the question – what about the other half? Candidates, parties and other interested students and groups will have to evaluate their previous methods and assumptions to seek out other contributing factors that may lead to voting, for while this model is certainly a step in the right direction, it doesn’t explain everything.”

Read the entire paper here for his survey analysis.

Author: Rob