Tim Wise will be holding a workshop from 12:00-2:00PM in MSA chambers, and speaking in 220 Hutchins Hall at 8:30 PM tonight.

The ‘U’ is preparing tight security for Salman Rushdie, according to this Ann Arbor News article. Or is this just empty small-town hype? You decide.

Here’s a little something to send your friends and relatives who are seduced by the propeganda that is “regime change.” I still maintain: no one who believes in Democracy would use the phrase. Saying “regime change” implies it is the U.S.’s approprate position to dictate who should lead another nation. Shouldn’t we be supporting basic human rights worldwide, which includes democratic values like elections?

If you attended College Democrats’ “Women in Politics” event yesterday, you heard Debbie Dingell speak. In addition to being a GM executive and DNC member, she also apparently moonlights as a lobbyist. She even made it into this column by Arianna Huffington. No wonder she squirmed when asked if she considered herself a feminist.

After discovering 2/3 of their 8th grade girls were having sex, some Muskegon school districts have decided there’s some things just not worth asking. My question: what were the stats on the boys?

Author: Rob