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Music Blogging is Fun

I’ve been digging the Great Lakes Myth Society lately, an Ann Arbor band that specializes in nostalgic celtic-influenced rock about mythology, history, Michigan and well, the great lakes, designed for people like me. I probably heard about them on Brandon’s blog, you can hear or download some of their music here. On the rock-ier side […]

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Student Running for A2 City Council

Another student is running for Ann Arbor city council. Although I don’t know much about Kang, my friend Scott recently met him and seems to think he’d be a good candidate: Kang definitely seems like he’s on the same page as I (and my cohorts) in terms of development, and how it relates to affordable […]

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A Dollar a Day for the G.O.P?

The Michigan Republican Party has launched a “Dollar-a-Dayâ€? giving program. The membership page is great – it’s slightly more harsh than the party’s main website. It’s also educational – I never knew Katie Couric and Michael Jackson were part of the “Liberal Media.â€? I guess I’m not getting all the memos … In all seriousness, […]

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