Student Running for A2 City Council

Another student is running for Ann Arbor city council. Although I don’t know much about Kang, my friend Scott recently met him and seems to think he’d be a good candidate:

definitely seems like he’s on the same page as I (and my cohorts) in
terms of development, and how it relates to affordable housing, the
environment, and the future of this small city. Given the relative
homogeneity of the Council, I think Kang would be a great addition.
He’s an Ann Arbor lifer (he grew up here, went to U of M, and intends
to stay). He’s a student, who’s voices are woefully under-represented
in city politics. Hopefully his campaign will also have the effect of
mobilizing the significant, but politically uninvolved Korean-American
community in Ann Arbor.

> SS Trudeau: Kang for Council


Author: Rob Goodspeed