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links for 2006-02-21

Detroit Metrotimes 2000 Newshit Article on Michigamua Short article about the tower occupation with a photo of members in the “Wigwam” (tags: michigamua Michigan” activism wigwam) U.S. Reclassifies Many Documents in Secret Review Government agencies are re-classifying public documents at the National Archives. (tags: secrecy politics)

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links for 2006-02-20

Petition Spot – Preserve AATA Bus Service to Ypsilanti Ann Arbor area bus service considering cutting service to neighborhing city. (tags: buses politics activism petition) DC Voting Rights – Stamp Act Congress DC group is trying to build support for voting rights for the District by stamping money. (tags: DC politics)

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More Internetty Goodness

I finally hooked together my account with this blog so each day it will post any links I post to that service for the day. We’ll see how it goes. Scott tried this and stopped because it was taking over his blog. Since I’m a less habitual user of I’m not worried about […]

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