‘Keys to the Kingdom’?

In an email which made its way into my mailbox recently via prolific forwarding, another little mystery of Ann Arbor has been resolved. Yes folks, the secret recipe of Michigan restaurateur Pizza House’s Chipati Sauce. I’ve found that the Chipati, a glorified salad-in-a-pita served with a mysterious red sauce, has many fans although some are in the closet about it. According to the following email, the mysterious sauce (available to take home for $3.99 a bottle!) is nothing less than Franks Redhot Sauce and ranch dressing. And while I haven’t tried it out for myself, the mixture sounds just plausible enough to be true!

“From: XXX
Subject: keys to the kingdom
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2003

i can’t believe it’s taken me so long to get this out: quick story that you will all love me for. (jamie, i think i told you this?)

in A2 recently. we go to Pizza house. stupid waiter. i ask to buy a bottle of chipati sauce, and ask if it will stay good if sealed for a while. he says the following: “i don’t see why it would. it’s only…wait, i don’t know if i should tell yuou this” and clare and i went silent, held our breath, tried to look nonchalant. and then this dumb young thang gave us the keys to the kingdom, aka, the recipe.
“it’s only frank’s red hot mixed with ranch dressing.”

use it well, my friends, and pass it on. … “

Author: Rob


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  2. I think the recipe is their brand of greek dressing, ranch dressing, and french dressing. I think the waiter who was “revealing” it was actually just having fun and making it up.

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