Lest I delude anyone, although the University Party is dominated by a small group of conservatives, Students First is not without a conservative trying to pass for populist.

Law students beware: the Law candidate for S1 is former Michigan Review editor Dustin C. Lee. Am I the only one who thinks it ironic Dustin called MSA candidates “shameless,” and “resume builders” in this Review column.? Here’s a taste of D.C.:

“Hey, didn’t that guy who came to my dorm room last week from the Michigan Party, or was it the Blue Party, tell me he wanted to ìtake the politics out of MSA? Surely. He probably told you a bunch of other bunk about a Fall Break or a student Regent too. But once he gets elected, MSA will be no different – it will probably pass some meaningless resolution condemning the way bi-sexual, gimp, East Asian music majors are being treated in Kabul.”

Author: Rob