Johanna Hanink wraps up the Royal Shakespeare Company residence in her column today – complaining that the multitude of educational events and classes aside, UMS kept Rushdie and the cast carefully sequestered away from the meddling public. What she doesn’t note: the cast participated in a number of peace protests, which was a nice surprise for many. I think the real lesson here is simply that UMS has an image problem – and I think they know it – they don’t like using their full name because it sounds elitist.

Dance Marathon raised nearly $200,000 for Mott children’s hospital … the #5 children’s hospital in the nation. Although the effort is heartwarming, I wonder if they didn’t consider another charity more appropriate to the times – helping children outside the U.S., perhaps?

Also, the backlash over new security measures continues, a Daily letter writer complains about the new locks currently being installed in East Quad.

Author: Rob