This post is a bit late due to technical difficulties out of my control.
Over 800 U-M students loaded 11 MSA and SSAA busses, and 4 BAMN busses last night to travel to Washington, D.C. to participate in a protest rally at the Supreme Court. Here’s a Washington Post story about the U-M campus filed yesterday. The following are news stories about the events today:

FREEP: “Groups assemble outside Supreme Court awaiting U-M case arguments”
DET NEWS: “Thousands trek to D.C. for historic U-M case”
USA TODAY: “Justices hear admissions case today”
W.POST “Thousands Gather for Affirmative Action Case”
BBC: “U.S. courrt weighs affirmative action”
Reuters: “Supreme Court to Weigh Racial Preferences Case”

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Author: Rob