The two best accounts I could find of how the oral arguments went today in the U-M admissions lawsuits are the New York Times’ story “On affirmative action, high court seeks nuance”, and MSNBC’s “High court weighs affirmative action”. Overall, it sounds like the arguments went well since both articles conclude the justices’ questions seemed to suggest a limited use of affirmative action, not abolishing it completely. Here’s the only quote in the news I could find from someone I know after a quick search (let me know if you find others), from a newspaper in San Antonio:
In the middle of the storm is the University of Michigan. Students from that school filled 13 buses for the trip.

“Our university happens to be at the center of a very important national movement,” said Jackie Bray, a 20-year-old history major at the school. “Our university would never be the same without affirmative action.”

Also,’s website on the cases is worth a visit.

Author: Rob