The University administration told representatives of Students Organizing for Labor and Economic Equality (SOLE) that they will be cancelling their contract with Morgan Linen, the Ohio laundry service hired by the U-M business school. (Here’s today’s Daily story about the meeting: “SOLE optimistic about Coleman’s response”, and a December 5 editorial) Also, yesterday the Daily printed an “Open Letter to President Coleman” from SOLE outlining their demands.

SOLE, and the laundry employees’ union claim the company pays starvation wages, illegally fought unionization, and that workers were forced to work in an unsanitary environment. SOLE is planning a ‘wash-in’ tomorrow, on the president’s lawn:
“Friday, April 4, SOLE is having either a celebration about Mary Sue Coleman’s decision to cut the Morgan account, or will be forced to have wash-in to demonstrate that the students will not be satisfied until the University upholds its ethical standards and cuts the account, depending on the outcome of the April 2 meeting. This wash-in/celebration will take place at noon on the front lawn of the President’s house on campus. Students will be encouraged to bring their dirty laundry to be washed in basins on the lawn, and hung out to dry. There will be a live bluegrass band (featuring a washboard- player) and food. “If the contract is not cut, we want to show the president that the students will not accept this blatant disregard for humane working conditions in a factory that the University heavily depends on,” said Claire Beyer, U of M freshman and USAS member. “

Also, Hash Bash is this Saturday, and will include an anti-war protest in addition to the annual marijuana legalization rally.

Author: Rob