Details on noon protest on Mary Sue Coleman’s lawn

A bored patient at the U-M Mott Children’s hospital is the subject of this story: “Police investigate after teen has sex with escort in hospital”

An EMU radio DJ has been fired for his pro-war remarks on the air.

Michigan Tech students are being sued by the recording industry for creating a “Napster-like” system over their school’s high speed network.

Sounds like the Ann Arbor News paid to have a survey done to find something unsuprising: a majority of Washtenaw County voters oppose a war in Iraq.

Also, an interesting post on Larry Kestenbaum’s blog discusses whether a new Michigan Law may prohibit computer firewalls. In a sidenote in that post, he points out the punishment for coed cohabitation has doubled, but I didn’t know it was illegal to begin with – read the text of the law here.

Here’s one handy website to keep track of everything you need to know about the War On Iraq:

Finally, the latest news on something that’s been circulated on various campus email lists: “Coke bottler faces death suit.”

Author: Rob