Author: Rob Goodspeed

How Open are Massachusetts Municipal Data?

My first peer-reviewed journal article was published this month by the Journal of the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA), an open access journal published by a leading geographic information systems (GIS) professional organization. Titled “From Public Records to Open Government: Access to Massachusetts Municipal Geographic Data,” it reports the result of a public […]

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New Planetizen Post: The Coming Urban Data Revolution

I just posted a new article on the Planetizen blog: “The Coming Urban Data Revolution“: Historically, data sources for urban planning have remained relatively stable. Planners relied on a collection of well-known government-produced datasets to do their work, including statistics and geographic layers from federal, state and local sources. Produced by regulatory processes or occasional […]

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How Should Detroit Plan for the Future?

The Detroit News published an op-ed I wrote about lessons learned about urban renewal from my undergraduate thesis. Detroit is facing big problems: declining population, budget deficits and a stagnant economy. Discussions about fixing the city has generated dramatic ideas, including the Detroit Works Project — Mayor Bing’s roadmap for the city’s future. The plan […]

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