Applying Geospatial Crowdsourcing to Cities

Geothink LogoLater this month I’ll be traveling to the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario to participate in the GeoThink Summer Institute. The event will focus on crowdsourcing, and I will be joined by Daren Brabham (University of Southern California), Monica Stephens (SUNY Buffalo), and Renee Sieber (McGill) to provide an overview of geospatial crowdsourcing, present some of our research, and advise the student participants as they respond to a problem provided by the City of Ottawa.

The institute is only one part of the larger Geothink project, a 5-year Canadian SSHRC partnership grant titled “How the Geospatial Web 2.0 is Reshaping Government-Citizen Interactions.” A collaborative, interdisciplinary project involving 26 researchers and 30 partners, the project is already producing interesting research. Unfortunately registration for the Institute has closed, but you can learn more about the project and future institutes on their website.

Author: Rob Goodspeed