The D.C. Urban Blogosphere Revisited

Mount Vernon Triangle ConstructionSince my original post on the topic way back in 2006, the D.C. urban and real estate blogosphere has evolved somewhat. However, only recently were there enough changes to convince me the topic deserved to be revisited.

To be clear, this should not be considered a comprehensive list — for that you can turn to Beyond DC’s Urblogs page. However a few sites in particular have caught my eye. The DC Home and Condo Prices is refreshing for its extensive use of original real estate data and an informed perspective. The easy to read DCMetrocentric features a variety of topics in well-illustrated posts. Despite the conventional blogspot template and URL, the DCmud website features timely and well-informed updates on real estate deals. (The authors also run the business While I’m only a casual biker, I always enjoy the well-edited and interesting WashCycle blog, sponsored by the Washington Area Bicyclist Association. The And Now, Anacostia blog features much-needed information about news and events in Anacostia, including the contentious Polar Point planning process.

Finally, David Alpert’s new project Greater Greater Washington, inspired by New York’s Streetsblog, features thoughtful posts on Smart Growth and other policy issues.

What sites do you use to stay informed?

Author: Rob Goodspeed


  1. i’ve found that bloomingdale (for now) is a great source for stuff around town….

    ok, seriously, there are tons of good sites to keep up on all kinds of aspects of life in DC. yours is a great source, rob, and i have a ton in the blogroll on my site above.

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