The Emerging DC Real Estate Blogosphere

In the last few months I’ve noticed an increasing number of blogs dedicated to writing about real estate and development in the D.C. area. In my view this newly emerging real estate blogosphere is another sign of the maturing of the local blogosphere, which I expect to continue to develop multiple niches. I’m also interested in this development because it means I’ll have ready access to all kinds of real estate information in the region while I’m an urban planning student the next two years.

What are the blogs? Here’s just a sampling, most of these contain links to many more. The Bubble Meter and Inside the DC Bubble are committed to the “bubble” paradigm, and the latter in particular has good information and is frequently updated. BeyondDC is a very well done site with photos and other resources in addition to the blog. Urban Trekker has more posts about development in the region happening outside of the District. Richard Layman’s prolific Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space covers a range of urban issues. Although not always strictly blogs, there’s a number of sites with information about lofts, condos, and apartments targeting potential buyers: DC Real Estate, DC Lofts, DC Gentrification, and DC Dream Lofts are some to get you started. A blogs featuring mostly photographs I just discovered is DC Under Construction. Finally, the totally unique Near Southeast DC Redevelopment by JD contains a wealth of information about development going on in the Near Southeast neighborhood where the baseball stadium is being built.

Who am I missing?

Author: Rob Goodspeed


  1. Emergence of real estate blogosphere is right at the time where all numbers are from the MLS and are deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

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