The Panopticon Cometh

Two examples of the official use of photos caught my eye recently:

The Capital Wireless Integrated Network (or CapWIN) is a effort to “develop an interoperable first responder data communication and information sharing network” between Maryland, Virginia, and DC. The system claims 1,754 users from 47 agencies in the region, and provides secure one-to-one and group messaging, a directory of first responders, and incident management functions.

The University of Maryland’s Center for Advanced Transportation Technology, who runs CapWIN, recently announced by the end of the month system users will be able to access photos from two Virginia criminal databases, and in one year the system will include Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles photos as well. Presumably photos from other jurisdictions will follow.

Meanwhile, Libby sent me a link about how the University of Michigan recently announced any teaching faculty or staff will be able to produce a photo class roster for identification purposes.

Of course, most young people I know have already volunteered to make their photo public … through social networking websites.

Author: Rob Goodspeed