Museum Madness

Tomorrow the Old Patent Office Building in downtown D.C. will re-open after a six year renovation. I’ll be hazarding the crowds to visit the two museums that share the building: the National Portrait Gallery and the Smithsonian American Art Museum. The American Art Museum’s official blog Eye Level will be covering the planned events, and DCist’s Adrian Parsons says he’ll be there as well. It’s not like this is news to many of you: The Post has been running stories on the museum for weeks now and has put together this online feature for their weekend magazine, this month’s Smithsonian magazine features two articles about the museums’ re-opening, Wonkette thinks the staff is hot, and David Brooks even used it as an opportunity to pan modern art for losing “faith in the idea that history has a storyline.” All this, and they’re not even handing out the free ice cream yet.

Author: Rob Goodspeed