Touring Gentrification

The Whitman

I also took a “hard hat tour” of a big new condo development going up in Shaw next to Breakwell’s. The building, which the developer is calling “The Whitman,” features 185 units ranging from a $300,000 for a 1-bedroom to over $900,000 for the largest 2-bedroom units. On the tour we were told the building is 70% sold out, and the first units won’t even be finished until sometime in the fall. I’m sorry, did somebody say bubble? ‘Cause, clearly 129 people didn’t hear you.

The event also featured a DJ, free alcohol, and a red carpet. I guess they’re really pushing for a sellout. Take a look at my photos from today.

Author: Rob Goodspeed


  1. Ummm…my condo has been on the market two months and I have reduced my price by $25,000. The final kick in the balls from the nation’s crapital.

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