Breakwell’s Coffee Opens at 9th and M

Breakwell's Coffee

A new coffee shop has opened just across from the convention center at 9th and M Streets NW. Their “soft opening” was this week and they’ll have an official, grand opening next week. I stopped by tonight and the store looked great, the staff very friendly, and the coffee quite good. They told me they planned to be open from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. during the week and 5 p.m. on Sunday, although I’m sure the house might change. Looks like I’ve now got two local coffee shops to hang out in as part of my new graduate student lifestyle.

Breakwell's Coffee

Author: Rob Goodspeed


  1. ooh, i’ve been waiting for that place to open forever. it’ll be nice to have two (TWO!) coffee shops within walking distance when i move back to shaw.

  2. they serve fair trade coffee roasted by a small roaster in maryland saving the enviorment one sip at a time

  3. I just saw a piece on the Food Network shot at Breakwell’s. I’m a Breakwell and would love to hear about the owner, his family background (we have an unusual name) and anyone or anything else Breakwell related. So sorry to read about the fire and hope things are looking up.

  4. breakwell is the owners name and he hails from leisester england breakwells are all over the midlands .and they have reopened stop by and talk to rhe owner he would be happy to discuss the name with you

  5. Hi Jeanette,

    I am a Breakwell from New Zealand. Yes, it is an unusual name most of the Breakwells from here come from the South Island.

    I know there was a Breakwell from the USA who contacted us here in New Zealand. He was putting together a family tree. I must look that up to see how that went.


  6. HORRIBLE customer service today. (Wednesday, May 14, 2008, @2:30 p.m.)

    I used to love Breakwell’s and tried to always stop there whenever I returned home via the yellow line. I live in the neighborhood and thought it was great to have an independent coffee shop in our little ‘hood. I was sad when they were closed due to the fire, and today was my first return visit since they reopened.

    I’m not sure if management has changed, but the service at the counter was awful. The woman working at the register seemed mad at the world, and directed her rage at every customer that tried to ask a question or buy anything. The attitude was unbelievable, especially when I always thought the staff at Breakwell’s were so friendly.

    I won’t be going back, and I’ll be spreading the word to others in the neighborhood.

  7. Hi there all you Breakwells, I am a Resident of New Zealand (were lord of the rings was filmed), I would also love to hear from any one knowing anything about our history, my great grand father was Harry Breakwell and all I know about him is that he married my great grand mother in February 1899 in the south island of New Zealand. any help would be very welcome. please email me at, thanks K

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