Initiative On ’06 Ballot … For Now

MCRI Spokesman and frequent commenter sent me this link — the Michigan Court of Appeals has overridden a vote of the Board of State Canvassers and ordered the Secretary of State to put the proposal on the ballot. MCRI opponents are expected to appeal the decision to the Michigan Supreme Court.

Author: Rob Goodspeed


  1. Rob, you never cease to amaze me. Nice touch on this headline.

    The headline this time is accurate, but I find it odd that you gave emphasis to the “… for now” point this time when you didn’t last time. It’s funny how the media in general gives us neutral headlines when the facts are so crystal cut that they have to, but they slant and bias them againt us when they feel they can. You are no different from the mainstream journalist Rob. It’s unfortunate that you fail to distinquish yourself.

    I’m also disappointed that you failed to correct (or simply agree that it could have been more precise) your previous headline, especially in light of this one.

  2. Rob, you never cease to amaze me. Nice touch on THIS headline.

    It’s funny how the mainstream media will give us a neutral headline when the facts are crystal clear in our favor, but that it will use every other opportunity to slant or bias its headlines in other cases. Your no different than the mainstream, and its unfortunate you’ve failed to distinquish yourself. It’s unfortunate that you refuse to correct (or simply admit) the previous headline could have been more precise while you my recommendation here.

    By the way, my website now contains the raw text of the court ruling
    ( and a plethora of other valuable information for those willing to judge for themselves.

    Would like to wager on whether there’ll be a vote? I’ll grant you 10,000 to one odds – your penny to my hundred spot.

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