You Are Either in Michigan or Near Washington, D.C.

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The other day I stumbled across, a website that gives you some simple javascript to plug into your website whereby “You will be given your own URL that lets you track the visitors to your website using Google Maps.” Prett neat, I thought, and plopped it in. Today on a whim I clicked on the link to view the map (it’s in the “recent comments” section to the right) and was surprised to discover my readership is just about as balkanized as the content on this website. If I had the energy I could launch two distinct “faces” pulling only the correct entries from wordpress, but in the meantime I offer some topical navigation links above.

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One Comment on “You Are Either in Michigan or Near Washington, D.C.”

  1. 1 DCBlogs said at 2:54 pm on August 8th, 2006:

    [...] I am an agnostic. More than that, my views on God are like that old joke about the difference between ignorance and apathy: I don’t know and I don’t care. Also Noted: Maryland is NOT a southern state, writes Failed Southern Lady. I understand why Marylanders might want to be southern. I mean who wouldn’t want all that baggage to drag around with them? A story about a mugging by DC Sleeps Alone Tonight. Sanitized music for children: a haiku rant. From Fictional Rockstar. (Best Haiku of the Week Award from Reya.) Why eavesdropping is always a bad idea, writes Dixie In DC, “stories from a displaced Southern Belle surviving inside the Beltway.” Daily Preciousness’ report about the recent New Orleans protest in Lafayette Park. A blogging mapping tool recommendation at The Goodspeed Update. Discount dining during Restaurant Week from Jan. 9-15th. Details at DC Foodies. Site Note: Postings will be at a somewhat less frequent pace through the New Year. I hope everyone gets to share this holiday with someone special, a kindness with a stranger, and a way to make amends. Those are my hopes at least — kob. [...]