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Today I broke down and purchased a Treo 650. Before I wasn’t exactly in the technological dark ages, but using a slightly obscure smartphone manufactured by Samsung called the i500 (all the way on the left). The phone worked fine and had a solid OS, but like many older phones didn’t support SMS messaging. To paraphrase a friend, it had enough features for anyone but me. In addition to sporting beautiful SMS software, the Treo has a digital camera, supports bluetooth, has greatly enhanced email functionality, and an expansion slot for an SD memory card which allows you to convert it into a MP3 player.

In an effort to help fund my purchase I have put a variety of phones I had lying around up for sale on eBay, my first attempt at selling. I am selling two Samsung i500s, one Sanyo 6400 (middle) with a cracked screen but with tons of batteries and parts, and a barely-used Sprint Connection Card for a laptop that lets you surf the web anywhere on their network.

Care to bid? With no reserves, how can you resist …

See my items for sale on eBay

Author: Rob Goodspeed


  1. Yo, Goodspeed,

    Sorry I killed your Treo last night, man. :) Thanks for showing me how to mess with the one-touch buttons. ;)

    By the way, I had a Samsung i500 prior to my Treo as well! It was a tough little phone that served me well for a few years. I’m sorry Sprint stopped carrying it, as it’s an excellent alternative for people who want smartphone functionality but can’t afford the Treo.

    Of course, once the Treo 700 comes out, the 650’s price will drop like Bill Frist’s Presidential aspirations.

  2. Rob,
    I too recently joined the 650 fray. I have also become obsessee with the treonauts blog and other treo sites. Em and Jackie tried to hate on me for getting a 650, but it’s lovely, isn’t it?

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