‘Take Back America’ Day 2 Down

The folks at TBA have posted transcripts and videos
of some of the speeches. Antonio Villaraigosa’s is good, and probably
worth checking out as he seems like the flavor of the month. He also
had the harshest things to say about the conference, interestingly.

Edwards’ address (not up yet) was good, he abandoned his prepared
remarks and gave a very good impromptu speech combining his stump
speech and some recent stuff on his anti-poverty work. If it weren’t for a nasty cold I’d be there blogging their tacky evening event.


Author: Rob Goodspeed


  1. I love the theater in Portland! I am originally from Detroit, MI and lived in Portland for a short time and I can agree with the caption for this picture. I went to school in Ann Arbor, MI and they did refurbish the old theater and I’m glad they did. A little architectural revival never hurt anyone! Our ancestors left us not buildings but “monuments” to look at and enjoy. The only thing left for us to do is wonder why we use cinder blocks to build things so plain and bland with no flavor or compassion whatsoever….. Thanks you to all who have contributed to our eclectic culture!

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