Bernie Sanders Drops by Take Back America

U.S. Rep Bernie Sanders (campaign website, house website)
stopped by the Take Back America Conference today during the send-off
lunch to talk up his bid for U.S. Senate. Some googling found me this story which reports he was endorsed by Howard Dean in May.

This from an AP story:

Sanders remains a socialist, although not a member of the Socialist Party.

does it mean to me? I want government to stand up for working people,
for the middle class, rather than representing, as is currently the
case in the United States, multinational corporations and wealthy

“I also believe that as citizens in a democratic
society people are entitled to certain inherent rights and those rights
include the right to health care, the right to form a union, the right
to breathe good air, the right to send your child to college.

is something fundamentally wrong and very dangerous about a society in
which so few have so much and so many have so little,? he said.


Author: Rob Goodspeed


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