DCist In the Washington Times

The W. Times noticed a post Mike wrote for DCist about how their paper was for sale in Billings, Montana – for $2.50 – in their “Inside the Beltwayâ€? feature in today’s paper:

Still a bargain
“DCist,� a popular Web site (www.dcist.com) about everyday life in the
nation’s capital, has posted a photograph from a faithful D.C. tipster
who happened into a Barnes & Noble bookstore while visiting
Billings, Mont.
“While no other national newspapers aside from USA Today and the Wall
Street Journal have seemed to have made their way to south-central
Montana, just below Shotgun News [on the newspaper rack] is The
Washington Times,� the posting notes.
We see by the photograph that a single copy of our newspaper sells for
a rather hefty $2.50 in Billings. Here in Washington, where Pony
Express charges aren’t tacked on, the paper still costs a quarter.


Author: Rob Goodspeed