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The Chestnut Tree Cafe

The Chestnut Tree Cafe was a short-lived project of mine to collect pithy quotes about society on an anonymous Blogspot blog. Like many an ill-fated blog project, it was abandoned in the face of more pressing obligations. If I may be humored the point, it became as neglected as its namesake, yet like the purloined […]

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Checking Out The Failures of Integration

I just finished Sheryll Cashin’s book The Failures of Integration: How Race and Class are Undermining the American Dream. Although I won’t attempt a proper book review I will offer a few thoughts. A longtime resident of Washington, D.C. (Cashin clerked for U.S. Supreme Court justice Thurgood Marshall, served in the Clinton White House, and […]

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Reading The Power of Many … One Year Later

Last weekend I read Christian Crumlish’s The Power of Many: How the Living Web is Transforming Politics, Business, and Everyday Life. Instead of learning any major revelations, I mostly discovered just how much of a geek I have become, but luckily I know who to blame. While I won’t say much about the content of […]

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