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Raise the Gas Tax to Cut Oil Company Profits

Record high crude oil prices has put the federal gas tax in center stage, as McCain and Clinton have proposed a summer holiday of the 18.4 cent federal gas tax. Thomas Friedman blasted the short-sighted proposal, as well as our leader’s failure to create a coherent energy policy. Calling it a meaningless “quick-fix” solution, Barack […]

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Bill Clinton’s Four Questions and Barack Obama

I attended Campus Progress’s National Student Conference in 2005, where I heard Bill Clinton give a keynote address on the topic of how progressives can win again. Whatever you think of Clinton, you must concede his knack for electoral victory. The conference took place at a depressing time for many Democrats – Senator John Kerry […]

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“I believe we have a righteous wind at our backs”

Barak Obama is addressing the Democratic Convention in Boston. (Text) ALSO: Viewers with sharp eyes might have caught a glimpse earlier tonight of former College Democrats Chair Jenny Nathan, who is on the floor serving as a page to the Michigan Convention. Also spotted, briefly after Obama’s speech, was former Michigan Daily photographer David Katz. […]

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