Inside the Box: Sidebars on Scenario Planning

As I was writing my book, Scenario Planning for Cities and Regions, I realized there were topics I wanted to touch on but that didn’t fit neatly within the main narrative. I ended up placing these tidbits in a series of supplementary boxes that are placed in relevant chapters. Since they touch on issues I am often asked about, but do not appear in the table of contents, I thought I would list them here by number (and noting page numbers):

  1. Scenarios in Other Fields (p. 25)
  2. Using Exploratory Scenarios to Understand Automated Vehicles (p. 75)
  3. Serious Games as a Scenario Tool (p. 90)
  4. Tools for Place-Type Development and Analysis (p. 97)
  5. Transportation Demand Modeling for Scenario Planning (p. 100)
  6. Is Scenario Planning More Expensive? (p. 125)
  7. Challenging Official Futures with an Equity, Environment, and Jobs Scenario in San Francisco (p. 182)
  8. The Consortium for Scenario Planning: An Emerging Community of Practice (p. 195)

Varying in length and content, the boxes summarize work on various topics, highlight noteworthy studies and cases, and place scenario planning in a broader context. The final box describes the Consortium for Scenario Planning, a network of urban planning practitioners that I am a member of, that connects individuals interested in the use of scenario planning tools and methods.

Author: Rob Goodspeed