Boston Work

I thought I would note here that I recently moved to Boston, and last week started work as a Research Analyst at the Boston Metropolitan Area Planning Council, a planning agency that represents 101 cities and towns in the metropolitan Boston region. I’ll be working in the agency’s Data Center, as well as on the interactive mapping website MetroBoston DataCommon they operate with several partner organizations.

Author: Rob Goodspeed


  1. Good luck, and can’t wait to hear your take on the T vs. WMATA! I think DC has better rail service, but Boston has better bus service (not to mention the commuter rail, which can take you to the beach in the summer).

  2. Good luck in Boston.

    Bean Town is the one city that I will admit to being confused by. The streets do not make sense. It was as if they were designed by meandering cows.

    (I think the downtown city grid indeed follows the outlines of old cow pastures)

    I remember spending about 30 minutes going back and forth on the Mass Pike looking for a particular exit, and paying tolls every time I got off and on to boot!

  3. congrats on the new gig, rob — it sounds like a terrific fit. how’s boston treating you? it’s a lovely town

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