Is Michigan Amazing?

Michigan Is Amazing“Michigan has a million stories to tell,” gushes, a new blog launched by Ann Arbor public relations company Hass MS&L. The blog will feature text, images, and video submitted and voted on by users showcasing “all the great things about our state.” Everyone who submits a story idea will receive a “small gift,” and winning submissions earn the author a free t-shirt. Early posts, apparently written by the company, tend towards the tabloid with posts about exotic mushrooms and zany photos. Unclear, however, are the goals of the site: the only advertisement displayed is from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, and there’s no “about” page.


Update: In response to this post, they’ve added an about us page.

Author: Rob Goodspeed


  1. I’ve been to Michigan…Nothing amazing other than I understand why everybody leaves.. No jobs, no decor, snow….Michigan football..

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