Luxury Boxes at the Big House?

My father pointed me to this article in the New York Times from a couple weeks back (I found a free copy on a blog here, but with editorializing) about a controversy over a proposal to add luxury boxes to Michigan Stadium. The idea has been floated as a means to produce additional revenue for the athletic department, but no concrete proposal has been made before the Regents yet. New York City resident John Pollack, who is the son of a U-M professor and season ticket holder, has organized opposition to the plan and launched a website On the website he argues “The very idea of private luxury boxes in Michigan Stadium runs contrary to the egalitarian ideals to which the U-M is dedicated,” and likens the proposed boxes to the much-hated “halo” which was removed from the stadium shortly after it was added in the 1990s as a response to fan complaints.

Author: Rob Goodspeed