Flickr Prints

Downtown DevelopmentIn October Flickr rolled out a service to order prints of your photos. I just now got around to testing it out and yesterday got some prints I had ordered in the mail. For $6, I received 20 4×6 prints and an index print in the mail in about 3 days. They charged $.20 per print and $2 shipping. I was extremely happy with the results: if these prints and some from a 35 mm camera were mixed up I doubt I could tell the difference. I only have a 2 megapixel camera and usually shoot at something lower than the highest setting, but clearly it is high enough resolution for this size print. They were also printed on Fujifilm paper that appears to be the same quality as what you would get from 35mm film prints. My mother has long said she’d switch to digital when the technology was good enough and the prints permanent. I think with Flickr that day is here — I don’t see a reason to pull my old SLR off the shelf anytime soon.

Author: Rob Goodspeed