What’s An Editor-At-Large?

Today I announced my resignation as editor in chief of DCist. I plan on following the footsteps of SFist’s Jackson West and LAist’s Jason Toney and become an editor-at-large of the site. Except, I am not quite sure what that means and have not been able to find a good definition on the web. I understand for print publications they are someone who plays a role as a contributor and also has some input into the publication’s overall direction. However, I’m not sure how this will translate into the world of group blogging. I did notice that Slate has an editor-at-large, former Washington City Paper editor Jack Shafer.

Author: Rob Goodspeed


  1. I think it means that you are “at-large”, that is, not confined, free to roam about as you see fit, follow flights of fancy, and generally cause trouble; that is the “at-large” part. The editor part means that you still have to do some actual work sometimes.

  2. Editors-at-large unite! Form of lazy poster.

    That’s what I’ve found editing at large to be. Mostly grousing about how things are being done now that I’m not driving the car and lamenting not having the time to post everything I want to.

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