More Organizing Against Michigamua

At the University of Michigan, the Native American Student Association (NASA) is seeking student organizations who want to sign a statement “In Solidarity Against Racism” whose signers agree to withhold support to any organization that maintains ties to Michigamua. Here’s the full statement:

In Solidarity Against Racism:

We the undersigned officially withhold our support, both now and into the future, from any organization that maintains ties to Michigamua. Since 1902, Michigamua has a documented history of discrimination, racism, and cultural appropriation. Michigamua has also been repeatedly deceitful and noncompliant in both inter-community dialogues and official University contracts and agreements. This behavior runs counter to our organizational mission and commitment to a safe, respectful campus community.

Organizations who want to add their name should email nasa-core (at)

Author: Rob Goodspeed


  1. Hi Rob

    Just wanted to clarify that that this Solidary Against Racism statement was a development out of a RAPOC meeting – not just NASA. NASA members were involved in the writing of it, but many other students were as well. Also, if folks want to sign on their org, they should probably e-mail RAPOC at I’d like to make a website and start listing the organizations that have signed on, but I don’t know how….I will learn soon. Thanks for all your good work in keeping our information together! There have been more articles in the Daily about Gamua recently as well… :)


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