What is the Hobbit Hole?

Good question. It’s the apartment I lived in while in Ann Arbor, and now it is available to rent. This email is being circulated:

Are you a hip activist on campus looking for an apartment for next year?

The Hobbit Hole alums are looking for renters for next year that will carry on the Hobbit Hole’s tradition of good conversation, quirky parties, and liberal politics. See below for more info and email hobbitholealums@umich.edu if you are interested! Act QUICK as the apartment may have to be rented to random people very soon!

It is an apartment at 306 Thompson St. As an apartment it is affordable, centrally located, but certainly not luxurious: the space is carved out of what was once an attic and contains two bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a small sitting area. Laundry facilities are in the basement of the building across the street and the location puts you just steps from any of the businesses in the State and Liberty Street areas. Rent and utilities works out to be around $500 per person per month.

However, what the apartment lacks in amenities it makes up in atmosphere and history. For six years the apartment has been home to a variety of journalists, activists, RC’ers, and politicos. The current residents, two RC students, are looking to pass the apartment on to worthy inheritors in true Hobbit Hole tradition. Residents are expected to hold fun parties, invite interesting people over, and put good books on the built in bookshelves. Are you interested? Drop us a line at hobbitholealums at umich.edu.

The name Hobbit Hole, comes from a small door on the fire escape which resembles a Hobbit Hole

2005-2006 Chase and Elena
2004-2005 Sam Woll and Devon Brown
2003-2004 Rob Goodspeed and Ari Paul
2002-2003 Ari Paul and Jeremy Wardle
2001-2002 Mike Grass and Nick Woomer
2000-2001 Mike Grass and Nick Woomer

+ miscellaneous other tenants, subleters, and overnight guests

Author: Rob Goodspeed


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