BAM-N and the FBI, Part 2

More press on BAM-N’s trouble getting in FBI memos today, this time in the State News at MSU. And BAM-N was spinning it the best they could:

The national leaders of BAMN said they also plan to fight the accusations, not only for themselves, but for every civil rights group throughout the county.

“We feel strongly that the American people have a right to know their government is spying on its citizens,” co-chairman Luke Massie said. “We happen to have been in the wave of attacks on civil liberties.

“This government can’t get away with spying on its own people.”

Notice he said this government. The State News adds this to Luke’s talk of “spying”:

Although the document does not contain how information about the groups was collected, some say they are concerned that illegal surveillance methods could have been utilized.

“How they got that information is an open question,” Moss said. “That is a very important question. It was not clear from their statement.”

Members of the FBI don’t use illegal surveillance methods because it is a violation of federal law, Licht said.

Author: Rob Goodspeed