Google Looks for A2 Real Estate

Via Murph on Arborupdate, the Detroit News reports Google is looking for space in Ann Arbor. 200,000 square feet of space for 1,000 jobs – in a state that badly needs them.

Remember all the backlash in the last year against Richard Florida and his Cool Cities
theory? According to the News: “Boston and Boulder, Colo., are other
cities Google is considering for the project, which seeks to tap
communities with a large population of recent college graduates from 22
to 30 years old. … � Shocking, I know. Now, do you think that there
will be more or less companies like Google in the future?

The article also has this tidbit:

is also looking for space to digitize thousands of bound materials
within U-M’s library system, said John Wilkin, associate university
librarian. “I wish we could accommodate them on campus, but we simply
don’t have the room.�

Google personnel are working at U-M’s
Buhr Remote Shelving Facility, but Wilkin didn’t have an exact employee
total or the amount of space they were using.

The project began last July, with a goal of finishing in six years, but the work could be done in three years, Wilkin said.


Author: Rob Goodspeed