City May Consider Ban on Porch Couches" itemprop="name">City May Consider Ban on Porch Couches

This website has recently learned that the city may vote to ban upholstered furniture on porches as soon as this summer, ostensibly for “fire safety” reasons.

The proposed changes are at least two weeks away since they have not made it to the city council, and are being considered as part of a package of revisions to the City Fire Code.

Other college towns, including East Lansing, have adopted similar measures, which occasionally include expensive tenant fines for litter on the grounds of rented property.

A small but vocal group of downtown property owners have long advocated measures to reduce the visual impact of the city’s student neighborhoods, such as banning couches and instituting a litter fine.

The couch ban has been the object of persistent rumors recently, particularly after the University administration sent an email about changes to the city’s bulk waste pick-up on April 22. As part of ongoing budget-tightening, the city now requires a fee for disposal of bulk items and has increased the fine for violation of the trash codes, but the message says nothing about porch furniture:

To: “UM Students living off campus”:;
From: “UM Director of Community Relations — Jim Kosteva “
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 18:26:02
Subject: Ann Arbor Move-out fees & regulations

Bigger fees and fines for big trash items.

The City of Ann Arbor has altered its approach to excess refuse often generated during end of term move outs.

You must pre-pay for bulky items left at the curb, such as sofas, mattresses, computers, furniture, etc. Phone the City’s Call Center 994-2807 during business hours to arrange for bulk pickups. $25 for each two cubic yards.

All trash must be placed in plastic trash bags or approved containers before placing at the curb. 50lbs. maximum each.

Place refuse at the curb by 7am on the weekly pickup day and no earlier than 24 hours before the designated collection day.

Violations of these codes may be charged a minimum $70 fee per citation.

Multiple recycling and bulk drop-off options are available including on-campus sites.

Complete information is available at the City of Ann Arbor Solid Waste Department web site. or call 994-2807″

Author: Rob