Daily columnist Elliott Mallen discusses the finer points of the omnipresent Nalgene(tm) brand water bottles. And while the Daily got his email address correct this time, they still seem to be struggling with the proper spelling of his first name. Maybe the third time’s the charm?

” … Nalgene bottles are also portrayed as being durable containers for the true outdoorsman. When you’re hiking through wastelands of Mongolia or climbing the staggering Andes, you know your Nalgene will be there to replenish your lost fluids. Its thick shell will prevent it from breaking when you’re wrestling gorillas in Zaire, and its watertight lid will prevent any contamination when you’re swimming across the Amazon. The rugged, exotic lifestyle associated with the bottles is the same adventurous romanticism used to sell SUVs. It’s convincing people to buy items they don’t really need: Just as we people using their Navigators to brave the dangerous, uncivilized passes of I-94, there are countless students with Nalgenes who would never even consider climbing into a canoe or strapping on hiking boots. … “

> From “Not just any water bottle”

Author: Rob