The lead story in this week’s New York Times magazine: a true-life thriller about teenage sex, sure to scandalize almost all the people who read the New York Times Magazine – parents. I’m skeptical of any story where the primary research consisted of trolling the web for teens willing to talk online about their sex lives. Here’s one of the passages worth your time:

“Dating practices and sexual behavior still vary along racial and economic lines, but some common assumptions, particularly about suburban versus urban kids, no longer hold true. Parents often think that teenagers who grow up in cities are more prone to promiscuous sexual behavior than teenagers in the suburbs. But according to a comprehensive study sponsored by the National Institute of Child Health and Development, more suburban 12th graders than urban ones have had sex outside of a romantic relationship (43 percent, compared with 39 percent).”

> The article: “Friends, Friends With Benefits and the Benefits of the Local Mall”

Here’s a few Ann Arbor News articles of note:

> “Fewer blacks apply to U-M”
> “Nominations for Greenbelt committee spark controversy”
> “Crowd lining up in Dingell election”

Author: Rob